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Cordless Cellular Shades and Light Filtering

Family room with grand piano with Duette shades.

Want shades that not only dress up a window, but are energy-efficient, too? Cellular shades are your answer.

The most energy-efficient shades available, thanks to their insulating honeycomb design, cellular shades help keep a house snug when it’s cold and cool when temps heat up, for year-round comfort.

Even better? Consider cordless cellular shades. Because they lack lift cords, cordless cellular shades are safer for children (and pets!). No lift cords also gives cordless cellular shades a clean, streamlined look at the window.

Duette Honeycomb Shades

You have your choice of either manual or smart, motorized control for cordless cellular shades. Duette® Honeycomb Shades, for example, are available with two cordless manual control options: the UltraGlide® Wand and the LiteRise® System, as well as with smart motorization from PowerView® Automation.


UltraGlide Wand

The UltraGlide Wand is a retractable wand that you gently pull to raise the shade. With the LiteRise system you simply push up on the bottom of the shade to raise it or pull it down to lower it.


PowerView Automation

If you opt for PowerView Automation, you can easily control Duette shades with a remote, an app, automatically (through schedules you set up in the app), or even with your voice and your favorite voice assistant. This smart, motorized control is great for adding everyday convenience, as well as for adjusting hard-to-reach shades, such as in foyers and behind furniture.


Understated Style

Just like corded cellular shades, the clean edges and lines of cordless cellular shades make for a minimalistic aesthetic. They also filter natural light beautifully, creating an inviting ambiance in a space. And with a host of color and fabric choices, it’s easy to complement the vibe of any 

Living room with sofa, accent chairs, and coffee tables set in front of multiple tall windows with Duette Honeycomb shades. Duette® Honeycomb Shades
A woman in a kitchen gazing out large picture windows with Sonnette PowerView Shades. Sonnette® PowerView® Shades
Woman in a kitchen looking out windows with Duette Powerview shades. Duette® PowerView® Shades

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